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            Creating Value – We make products to suit our customers' needs: with the materials and quality they demand at the prices they desire.

            Production Outline

            Major Products

            Bedding-Related Products
            (Comforter Covers, Sheets, Pillow Cases, Bedspreads, Etc.)

            Down Comforters (Sewn)

            Mattress Pads
            (Multi-Stitch Quilted Products)

            (Multi-Stitch Quilted Products)

            Quilted Bedspreads and Comforters
            (Quilted Comforter Products: Outside Supplier)

            Kotatsu (Heating Table) Covers/Comforters
            (Quilted Comforter Products: Outside Supplier)


            Mattresses (Folding)

            Pillow-Related Products

            Cushion-Related Products

            Floor Cushion Covers

            Embroidered Products

            Production Capacity

            Comforter Cover-Related Products 1 Million / Year
            Down Comforter-Related Products 100 Thousand / Year
            Quilted Products 100 Thousand / Year

            Major Equipment

            Final Stitching Sewing Machines, Final Double-Stitching Sewing Machines, Overlock Sewing Machines, Interlock Sewing Machines

            Inspection Machine

            Spreading Table / Spreading Machine

            Embroidery Machine

            Insulation Material Inspection Table

            Insulation Material Needle Detector

            Double-Stitch Quilting Machine

            Iron / Vacuum Table

            Needle Detector

            Metal Detector

            Production Process

            Latest News

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